Chi Chi Chi Sorority Inc.

Chi Chi Chi Sorority Inc.


About Us

We say Asè

We say Asè

Who Are We?

We are here to illuminate, transmute, transform, assist and make way for a new peaceful and harmonious way of life.We are here to break through the veil of forgetfulness, to activate the grids, portals & humanity as a whole.  

We are Sun Kissed, Melanated, Sage Burning, Crystal Slangin', Chakra Aligning, Diaspora Researching, Astrology Studying, Numerology Counting, Copper Wrapping, Ancestor Honoring, Meditating Mystical Sistars!

Founded December 11th, 2017  & Incorporated April 1st, 2019.

We are proud to be the 1st Non-Collegiate, Nondenominational, Melanated Spiritual Sorority.  

What Does Spirituality Mean To Us?

Spirituality is the state in which we are connected to the deepest parts of ourselves, each other and the divine. It teaches you the way to love, accept, and relate to the world and the people around you. Rather than depending on institutionalized systems created by man, it is realizing that all of the answers & power are inside of you.

What Is A Starseed?

Starseeds generally Incarnate for a specific reason, bringing themselves into circumstances that best help them to serve their divine purpose, attract situations that help aid with their souls mission and to assist with the evolution of anyone they may come in contact with.

What Is A Light Worker? 

Lightworkers generally incarnate onto this plane for the sole purpose of honoring, sharing and living in the light. They represent the Ying Yang duality of the soul, fully embracing and purifying darkness and ego. They work to shift humanity to a higher level of consciousness.

 What Are Indigo Children?

 Indigo children are people who possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. You can be an indigo child in conjunction with a starseed or lightworker.

Founder Divine Phoenix - Najee Young