In Loving Memory Of Founder Cosmic Showstopper - Chi Pi Chi Fraternity Incorporated

Divine & Beloved Son, Twin Flame and Brother, Marquise McKinley BKA Founder Cosmic Showstopper #2

Rising from the ashes, you spread your wings to fly

Reaching now for those final dreams, belief will never die

Beautiful and so glorious, the eternal bird of fire

Soaring up into the sun, leaving behind the pyre

Dreams are now your destiny; reach with all your might

You’re a powerful inferno, ablaze and in full flight

Yesterday is over, today has just begun

The sky is now your playground your home is now the sun

Destiny is in your grasp, forget the doubts and fears

Your flame will burn eternally for all remaining years

There will be times of doubt, and moments of pure sorrow

But one thing that is ever true, you’re the angel of tomorrow